is that a muffin top?

Every night, we plug a new wire into the circuit panel. It’s is like a hidden treasure. Who will get turned on tonight?! The toaster? The upstairs closet?! (it’s okay, guys. we’re married.)

 Until Sunday, we spent two weeks dancing with one overtaxed electrical outlet. Available ampage was divided among the refrigerator, the deep freezer, the washer and the TeeeeeeV. There was a series of complicated extension cords tangled between each of these appliance. I don’t even want to talk about the microwave. Or the hair dryer. Let’s just say that wires dangled everywhere. It’s really not safe.

Aside from one sleepy near-miss with a 240-volt dryer wire, we didn’t have any close calls. Seth didn’t even drop a floor joist on my knee this time. But we’re not out of the woods, yet, kids. We’re not out of the woods yet.

There are two new things that I love: 1.) stripping wires 2.) a clothesline (how quaint!) One sort of leads to the other.

It’s SO NICE to be able to cook again. For the last week, I’ve eaten nothing but microwavable items and fast food. I have never had this much sodium intake in my life. Perhaps the grossest decision was made when we ordered 2 (or was it 3?) large pizzas on Friday and ate them for breakfast lunch and dinner all weekend. Then I had some tasty BK, a Starbucks muffin, a doublecheeseburger.

This should have been listed as a “Danger” in our home repair book.

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