This week in Phone.

shit.jpgSprint demanded that I get a new phone, so I did,

I’ve had some comically clumsy moments learning it.

I have outgoing calls listed to everyone in my phone book, which means you may have received…a ‘call.’

I also think old text messages have been sent and re-sent. A weird voice repeats ‘calling home,’ ‘sending text’ or any other command I punch in.

I have duplicates of pictures I’ve sent multiple times in the Outbox, and a series of videos that preliminary reports indicate never actually made it to their intended recipients.

Please be patient with me as I learn RAZR speak.

I got a red one. For AIDS.

 Also, as a tribute to Athens, b707-3257 has been resurrected. Amen.

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  • crankin

    that explains the strange singing? aids thanks you, and i enjoy the above picture of me intently scooping hummus and pita.

  • Experimental Dater

    My Teter is growing up and getting a big girl phone. So proud. tear.
    Now only if she could learn to dial my phone number. ;-)

  • SweetT

    I actually just shouted with joy about 3257… I love it. Hey, did you get my message then? About Colleen’s birthday? I also love the pic… it makes my eyeballs bright.

  • jaydubs

    Um … Kyle is now the proud owner of a Blackberry. Now I can be guaranteed that our car trips will be filled with the sound of the quiet tapping of a keypad instead of pesky conversation.

  • congrats! it’s a Crackberry!

    the more likely scenario is many, many car trips filled with swear words as the wife tries to figure out how in the world to use mapquest on her husband’s blackberry.

    those things are maddening.

    this is theteet, by the way. I’m no longer recognized by my own Web site.