something weird happens when you write a weekly column.

let’s just say that the giant head above might not be very far from the truth.

the slightest amount of feedback and suddenly, I have this urge to ‘weigh in’ on every topic, as if the whole of Columbus is waiting breathlessly to hear what ‘Lyndsey Teter says,’ if you will.

Bill? Ya with me? Anybody? Bueller?

I have been recognized a few times — once at a bar (you were there – remember?!), once in the produce section of giant eagle and a third time earlier this week at a starbucks in UA. Damn paparazzis.

I hate column writers. It is very rare that anyone has a new, engaging line of thought. No one cares what i have to say. I realize this. It’s just, like, a Mind Freak. I was going to talk about current events, but. Maybe I, too, will start dating an illusionist. Maybe at the last minute I’ll trade the form-flatternig corset for the bikini.

I am going to regret this later.

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  • jessm

    whoa dude, whoa, i think i’ll start praying for that guy

  • crankin

    wow. i am beyond words. i second jessm’s motion for prayer.

  • Bill Melville

    I rarely got feedback through letters or comments, but yeah, people start to notice you

    People who knew you before the megalomania of column writing kicked in suddenly want to have stuff written about them.

    I say enjoy the ride while it lasts.

    Now when I tell people I just moved here, they say, “Are you Jack White?” It’s all I’ve got except for healthcare and an angry cat.