I don’t want to make this awkward for anyone,

 but just before lunch break today, I discovered a list of Frequent Email Offenders … I mean, Contacts, and the corresponding number of emails I have sent them:Here are the current standings:

Cliff Wiltshire holds a commanding lead with 1,124 emails

P “the corporate email machine” Dawg has received 547 emails,

Dennis “I’ve been walking around the office a lot more lately, WTF?” Laycock comes in third with 438 emails

Oddly, I’ve sent myself 401 emails while Our Hero Teth “I’d rather call you” Seter got 380.

Honorable mention goes to Jaydubs with 360 points, and Mr. E. Lyttle with 349.

Bossman Joe Meyer rounds out the Top 8 with 346 emails.

Fyi, I have sent the exact same number of emails (7) to state Rep. Ted Celeste, Abby Dudley’s hotmail account and former OSU linebacker Chris Spielman. Also, it seems BDunlap@thisweeknews.com and Dan Williamson are tied with 19 emails a piece.

Congratulations, everyone.

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  • Dennis

    I’m sorry to report you’re not even in my top 10.

    I’ve sent my brother more than 9,000 emails from my work address… and I’ve been using gmail for personal coorrespondence since Ray and Co. took over.

  • theteet

    why couldn’t you just have told me that in an email?

    (although i think we both know how excited I am to have the blog christened with the DL comment)


  • http://trialanderrordating.blogspot.com Brittiny

    I only have 19 e-mails to my work e-mail since Feb. 14? I think there might be something wrong with this picture. Although I feel incredibly special to blogworthy. ;)

  • http://alpowerfulgarth.livejournal.com Garth

    It’s worth noting that the e-mail addresses of co-workers whose work accounts are deleted do not show up in the “Frequent Contacts” folder, thus meaning that my likely number-one-email-recipient is not even on there and reducing my own such endeavors to an exercise in futility.

    As you probably suspected, that likely number-one-email-recipient is, of course, Jack Sowers.

  • Mandy

    Where do you kids find such things? Do we have a different e-mail on this side of the building?

  • http://stunted-growth.blogspot.com pdawg

    To be fair, the first 347 emails were you asking “What’s Dan Williamson really like?”

  • theteet

    Shut up. It’s something that every 22-year-old girl goes through. Like horses. Or photography.

    Mandy, it’s in your address book. Look for the tab, m’lady. the TAB!
    Brit-brat, there must have been a miscalculation. However, you get an extra 437 points for including a photo with your comment.
    Garth, I had money on Tony Dill.