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speaking of running

so is our electricity! see our success story on next up? Chiseling down the beams and putting subfloor on top! Don’t act like you’re not green with envy.

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baby’s first runner’s high

I ran 10 miles today! I regret it already. My body is responding with signs of sunburn and a 99.9 temperature. But my legs feel fine. Smoker’s lungs are a bit less enthusiastic, reports say. One lung was seen kneeled … Continue reading

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beast of burden

i’ve managed to piss off:  1.) animal rights activists (not to be cornfused with your peaceful, run-of-the-mill animal welfare crowd) and 2.) The Dispatch. Both organizations have factions that, as one co-worker put it, “aren’t afraid to get their hands … Continue reading

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is that a muffin top?

Every night, we plug a new wire into the circuit panel. It’s is like a hidden treasure. Who will get turned on tonight?! The toaster? The upstairs closet?! (it’s okay, guys. we’re married.)  Until Sunday, we spent two weeks dancing … Continue reading

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joke of the century:

is hereby awarded to one miss jay dubs. This 60-second bit is necessary viewing for the proper background:  A friend shared a story and I am going to recount a totally fictional version of it here so that I can have … Continue reading

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channeling the spirit of ann fisher………….

Soon after the GIANT HEAD syndrome and the uncontrollable urge to ‘weigh in’ on the topic of the day, column writers have a strange desire to share feedback from readers. this (informative!) deed quiets an inner fear that perhaps only his or … Continue reading

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This week in Phone.

Sprint demanded that I get a new phone, so I did, I’ve had some comically clumsy moments learning it. I have outgoing calls listed to everyone in my phone book, which means you may have received…a ‘call.’ I also think old … Continue reading

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maybe the worst post ever. *Now with more swears!

i wish i wish i wish i had my new cell phone handy to capture Maybel’s little prank. It may also have served as the last footage of her happy life on earth. Let me preface with a separate story. … Continue reading

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before & after

click for more information.

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something weird happens when you write a weekly column. let’s just say that the giant head above might not be very far from the truth. the slightest amount of feedback and suddenly, I have this urge to ‘weigh in’ on … Continue reading

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