commercial advertising

Chain of events:

At lunch, Brittiny discusses coming down off her crazy Jan-July Boy Rush

Lyndsey realizes she did not (thank god) have a blog during the Great Boy Rush of 2001

She wonders what her blogs would have looked like a year or two after high school and shudders repeatedly

She thinks about what this blog will look like to her in 10 years and begins to panic

She delves into circa 2004 to test and finds many laughable items, including Seth and Lyndsey’s brief foray into commercial advertising for my father’s fledgling software company.

We made this with a $10 digital camera and stolen Quark software from a design student at Ohio State University and it was published in several national trade magazines and that still makes me giggle with delight. As I recall, we were paid in cheeseburgers and beer. Please note my hand, and Dr. Seth’s. Photo by Lyndsey Teter:


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  • Nothing’sWrongHere

    I think you and the steter missed your calling.