seth got a new job

as a freelance photographer.

Did I mention that he’s keeping his old job?

This is good news because the more time seth spends in a cornfield during the work day, the happier he is when he comes home.

Thanks to all for the feedback and extended conversations about financial matters. This has weighed heavy on the mind of theteet. Heavy like several large sacks of money.
But I am encouraged by your words — and the bit of news I received yesterday: It seems an old friend of ours has secured a one-half-million dollar home in the suburbs. You know of whom I speak.
I am encouraged when I dream that someone is preparing an even more specialer bed in hell for these  people. (If God is as Just and as Fair as, that is.)

Pdawg, I will sell you tickets for heaven, and I’ll waive the attendance clause. I scored them by being the first to answer and *ALL-Building email. $75 a pop. They must be advertisers or something.

Rankin? I sincerely hope I have not caused too much harm.

Brit? Get the State Treasurer on the phone. They have special programs for us, aka “people with vaginas.” Apparently the vag brings  much more extreme financial risk/troubles. Presumably this is because of babies and the added costs of tampons.

Ben? Nice to hear from you! How’s the ‘hawk and the wife and the baby? Let’s make a big pot of spaghetti one day. We can eat the leftovers for weeks!*

*I think it is important to mention here that considering the proposed pay increase, we will be celebrating by going out to eat at Jake’s. I hope this enrages you for several reasons.

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  • Brittiny

    I’ll put the vag to work and see what the State Treasurer can do for us.

    Btw-pay increase? I think a congratulatory drink is in order.

    And last, but not least, Congrats to seth on the new job. Maybe I can hire him to take photos for my parents new condo

  • A Lachmonster

    Jake’s sounds a-freakin-mazing.