Exhibit B

hanson + chinese in slow motion + robot dogs = one happy teter

ps- don’t miss the caucasian street band in minute four.

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  • http://www.stunted-growth.blogspot.com Pdawg

    A lot of times, when I am just driving around in my GTI, I like to roll down my windows, crank the Hanson, stare off into the sunset with a knowing smile on my face and pretend a Chinese camera crew is tracking my every move.

    I just spent four minutes watching a Chinese VW commercial. You are pure evil.

  • theteet

    Welcome home, pdawg.

    I do that in the Honda, only the crew is Japanese, and the soundtrack is ‘songs from the hit movie Titanic.’

    I am pure … what? Two words:
    (Crap. What’s the name of that band you make me google all the time? Crap. Crap. Well, anyway. you know what i’m talking about.)

  • Bill Melville

    VW doesn’t have to release a greatest hits package — Wilco licensed their whole new album to the commercials.

    OK, I guess you could throw “Pink Moon” from Nick Drake in the mix, but why wouldn’t you pick that whole masterful album up — or steal it off the Internet?