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i was going to reenact a dramatic family moment, but i decided to keep it (gasp) to myself.

there can be bravery in silence.

For the record, however, Seth and I attended the Dan Emmett music & arts festival last week, where Herman’s Hermits (not to be confused with the Beach Boys) performed a magical set.

Mr. Peter Noone was quite hilarious, taking a somewhat humbling situation (British Invasion rock group performs free concert at thinly-veiled celebration of the Confederate Army in Knox County, Ohio) and spinning it into comic gold.

some examples:

“I always dreamed of the day Herman’s Hermits would meet the actual owners of First-Knox National Bank.”

- Mr. Peter Noone

“This little girl has been dancing nonstop throughout the performance. Did your mother make you come to this? Oh … your grandmother made you come.”

- Mr. Peter Noone

etc. etc.

For those who are interested, the festival is organized to celebrate Mount Vernon native Daniel Emmett, who is said to have composed “Dixie,” or that famous tune that shirtless white dudes sound from truck horns.

sidenote: Emmett was also famous for, like, inventing blackface or something.

However, this interesting NPR story contrasts everything we learned from the pamphlet distributed on the tour of Dan Emmett’s home.

The pamphlet said that the tune of Dixie was adopted by the Confederate Army – much to the chagrin of Emmett’s family, who were longtime opponents of slavery.

This led to a heated discussion:

Isn’t the attitude of a slave master inherent in the performance of blackface?

Can you be “anti-slavery” while also painting your face black and dancing around the stage like a ‘goofy nigger?’

These questions were heavily debated by the Teter family, and I think similar tensions were evident at the Knox County Idol Competition:

 Hey Jesus? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

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  • Bill Melville

    So long as you don’t idenftify Al Jolson as your favorite black entertainer.

    Don’t forget, I’m Captain Confederacy these days … my house sits right along the route of the Battle of Nashville. But we’re pretty well integrated ’round here. No one would tolerate someone performing in black-face …. not even Ted Danson (look it up).

  • Jaydubs

    Ummm … you should warn the headphones-wearers out there about the feedback. And the awesome special effects.

  • http://pencilsfromheaven.blogspot.com lmariea

    That video … yikes.
    Watched some of the other ones, too. My vote is for the girl who sings opera.