the greatest day of my life

still frustrated from my lack of ability to shoot a target this year (literally and metaphorically), i still had some pent-up … energy, confusion, anger, etc., even after the greatness that was BangsFest.

i kept picturing my emotional innards akin to a Honda Civic engine that has been idling for 48 hours … everything was all built up, out of sync and running slow.

The mechanic told me the best solution for my Honda was to find an open road, hit the accelerator and go. The speed would break up all the engine build-up, and everything would fall into place. Here is the human version of this treatment:


I spent the entire day at Cedar Point with Steter, and I didn’t think about work once! — except in the morning, as I was emailing stuff to Cliff, but after that – it was marvelous!

 Here is what happens when Mae Klingler prays to Jesus that you have a good birthday:

1.)  You walk up to the Dragster line to find that the ride has been shut down for 2 hours for maintenance. Growing impatient, the 2-hour line of human bodies waiting at the gate has dwindled to a couple dozen. You’re within the 3-foot hearing range of the speaker when they announce the ride is once again operational. You jump in, and wait only 15 minutes. You are pulled to the front of the line when a couple seeking ‘a pair of riders’ needs someone to go ahead so they can ride with their friends. amen.

2.) It’s the end of a long day of waiting in line for a series of 2-4 minute thrills, and there is only one ride you’d like to try that you haven’t been able to. The new one, the Maverick, has been shut down for ‘inclement weather,’ (read: two rain drops, or someone may have just spit on the rails, I’m not sure) so your heart sinks when the rain REALLY starts coming down while you’re half way through the line. 

Again, half the crowd dissipates in despair, but you hang on, and the operators decide to run the ride through the downpour (?), and you press on to secure two front-row seats in one of the last trains of the night.

 Hopefully, this is a metaphor for the rest of my life:

Stick it out while all the nay-sayers bail, and you’ll have a buggy, awesome front row seat in heaven. In the rain!

There are other versions of this metaphor, (and many were discussed in line for the ride.) I think I may have elaborated too long, as Seth reached the conclusion: Life is like one of Lyndsey’s terrible metaphors. You’re kind of annoyed while its happening and glad when its over.

We had fun.

 Best things in life:

1.) The parking lot of an amusement park, when van-loads full of kids, parents, the elderly and 25-year old journalists share identical dialogue, i.e. “I want to ride this and that and this and that and – whoa! what’s that one?! is that new? Let’s ride that one first!?” etc.

2.) ‘Launch tunnels’

And now, I’m back in Ashland, where it seems Maybel is recovering from a fantastic day with Charlie. Seth is building something with dad, and my only mission in life is to secure a doggie life vest for Maybel so she can go canoeing, too.

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes/amazing renditions of Happy Birthday on the voicemail. You guys really helped this blog earn its title.

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  • Jaydubs

    Happy belated, lady! Sounds like you did it up right.

  • Brittiny

    I cannot think of anyone who deserves a wonderful birthday more than you. I’m glad it was so great hun!