setana sports live

dish is offering a free preview of the 24-hour soccer channel this week, so i can pretty much blog for the remainder. LENS and PSG are in the 28th minute, so there will be no dirty looks.

and that’s a good thing, because my pores are soaked with material.

 Saturday i totally had that after-Christmas letdown, when all the friends have packed up and gone home. thanks so much, kids, for making the drive to the Bangs Extravaganza. I had a super-fun time, with mad props going to all who brought a little something to make the evening of nightmares

 Mad props, for example, to Merlin for the photos, bullets and pick-up truck. Mad props to Brett for pushing the House of Nightmares so hard. I am very much glad I had the balls (or at least followed someone else who did) to get in that thing (and travel all the way to the roof!) before they tear it down. The rabies will totally be worth it.

For those who couldn’t show, or those Excommunicators who didn’t, I hope one of these days before winter that we can organize another. Maybe during the fall in some type of October or Septemberfest type fashion. Start stock piling firewood now.

jwrayPlugging along the timeline, highlights for me include walking Nikki down the stairs, giving my boss a large drinking glass so he could clean up his daughter’s puke, Gerish’s mini-Mabel dogs, the Noblits’ Stellar Peanut Butter Ice Cream Brew, The NightPuncher’s gal pal and wine glass, David Owen’s fireworks (the accompanying chorus of Auld Lang Syne was truly moving), Meredith’s mayonaise-based side dishes, Noblit’s Alien-like upright bolt from the dead inside her camping tent, and, of course, the brave House of Nightmares crew and the fireside chat afterward.

By the way, (insert name of your boyfriend/girlfriend/other here) was totally hot and nice and funny and everything. And they say journalists can’t fall in love… 

Lin has posted pictures here, but i’m not sure how that will work for the non-believers.

Colleen and my sister get mad props for letting me run around like a crazy person without talking to them. Grandma, auntie and uncle Preston and the ‘rents get props for the same.

fyi, colleen, I actually heard what you told me about 24 hours later in bed, when seth asked me why i said ‘oh my god.’ 

Everyone is absolutely wonderful.

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  • Rankin

    i’m glad you got it eventually.

  • Anonymous

    Please have another farm fest. I will make it to the House of Nightmares this time.