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i hate to put two rock star steter stories on my blog in a row (I’ve worked so hard to paint him as Teth Seter, the pitchfork/power tool-weilding villian, afterall) but ’tis that time of the year.

knowing my aversion to flowers, (shut up — they’re so expensive and they die and you can’t even eat them and feel good about it later…) i mean, knowing what a crazy bitch i am, steter left a pot of (plantable!) hydrangeas in the Honda on our anniversary. these were the flowers in our wedding. he also threw in a handful of mini-sunflowers ‘to take inside work and  show off that it’s your anniversary.’

there was a card that joked about losing steam whilst making out.

 in other words, it was perfect little touch.

good work, steter. it ain’t easy making this one feel girly.

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  • Brittiny

    Aww you two are so cute! Happy Anniversary!!!!

  • Jaydubs

    You neglected to mention the card was 3-D and had moving parts! Very impressive. Happy anniversary, youse two!