a few notes to bloggers:

jessm and j-do: comment page or no, you both RULZ. please keep posting into the Black Hole. we are all there waiting for you, tapping our refresh buttons, etc.

Nothingswronghere: Everything is wrong here. You will be missed. Wednesday lunch died as a tribute to you.

Liz: i agree with everything you say about running.

Merlin: way to be with post #3 in a relatively short amount of time. You’ll lose that newbie label yet.

PDawg: Eric and I decided that based on the current atmosphere, you officially have what people in the industry call “the last laugh.” this message will self-destruct.

Bad town: Happy Birthday. 20s are for suckas.

Jaydubs: you’re right. it’s hot. thanks for bringing this into my life.

Ben Marison: West Coast News IS a killer. Consequently, things sound INTENSE inside the newsroom. I can only imagine the scene at 10:34 p.m. Although relatively new to the blogging scene, you’re a promising talent. Keep shooting for the stars, and one day you might collect as many comments as theteet.wordpress.com.

Crankin: tap…tap…tap

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  • Rankin

    i don’t get it.

  • sweet T

    She is waiting impatiently for you?

  • Bill Melville

    You young whippersnappers … you say that now, but wait until you hit 30. You won’t be so smart about it (begins waving his cane emphathically – insert “waving his cane” joke here)