cut down to size

August is probably the best month out there.

 The last of full-blown summer before fall, My Birthday and more recently, my three-year wedding anniversary. Well, ours, I guess. It belongs to both of us. We are officially yesterday’s news.

I’m watching the Prestige, and I was wondering why men don’t wear hats anymore. That’s all I got out of it, really. Scarlett Johansson is still the hottest girl on the big screen. Although, for full disclosure, I make that claim after missing the beginning of the movie. Apparently there was Piper Perabo, sister of Adam. Go ahead and swoon, ladies.

Everybody is invited out to our place Friday night. We don’t have walls or floors in some places, but we DO have lots of other things, including ice cream. And maybe firearms. I’m still waiting on confirmation from a few key players. Let me know if you want to come so I can make arangements. Rideshare out to Bangs might be available through MORPC.

Speaking of key players, guess who came over to taunt me about my lifestyle Friday night/Saturday morning!? That’s right … Crankin and Strader made the 6,000 hour drive to Bangs to see little ol’ me.

The best thing about my friendship with these (bob)cats …  They aren’t going to blow smoke, so to speak. If they hate your choice, whether it be in restaurant, construction project, house, town or husband, they’ll let you know. That being said, the reverse is also true. If they say you look cute, you totally do. Trust me.

We went on a hot jog (sorry) and ate at Jake’s (my bad) and hit up the MV farmers’ market(cashew butter!)/took a trip to Sips coffeehouse (oops). They also had to take showers at my place (eeeek — lo siento). I won’t talk about the sheet.

There was an emotional moment during checkers, and another when Talya found out Sips did not offer whole grain bagels (we have wheat?)(don’t mind her, she’s from Chicago) but other than that, we pulled through quite nicely I think. I think.

I’m reminded how desperately we need Mae to round out the group, though. Don’t you think?

Anyway, Seth eventually grew on you, right? I’m sure Bangs will, too.

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  • Jaydubs

    If it makes you feel any better, whole-grain bagels are about as authentic as bacon ones.

    Also, can we make a trip out to the farmers’ market this weekend? I’m dying for a good one (think Athens-scale), and the Clintonville one just isn’t cutting it.

  • Rankin

    In regard to the smoke blowing issues… I feel that I must comment. The town… interesting but definately workable. the house… great. the construction project… I feel your pain. Husband… I always did like him. Restaurant… that was aweful, and I don’t feel bad saying it over and over.

    Good times.

    My roommate was at the first ever MV farmers’ market. Amazing.