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update on goals in my 25th year:

 not smoke get up in the morning so that my husband can get to work on time leave work at a decent hour not put off something that i can do today start running again not exceed the 2-drink minimum … Continue reading

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if you think this is bad, you should see the other man’s hand

For several days in a row, a large man hand has appeared over my cubicle wall. I hear a woman’s indiscernible voice and then I hear the man tell the woman that I have “soft walls.” Sometimes he raps lightly … Continue reading

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commercial advertising

Chain of events: At lunch, Brittiny discusses coming down off her crazy Jan-July Boy Rush Lyndsey realizes she did not (thank god) have a blog during the Great Boy Rush of 2001 She wonders what her blogs would have looked … Continue reading

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ok, so someone on television told me how popular proposals are on YouTube. Being evil and jaded, I decided it would be more fun to look up proposals gone wrong. Having my fill there, (there are only, like, three) I happened … Continue reading

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seth got a new job

as a freelance photographer. Did I mention that he’s keeping his old job? This is good news because the more time seth spends in a cornfield during the work day, the happier he is when he comes home. Thanks to … Continue reading

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You’ll find my heart in the mortgage, doggie life vests for Maybel

You imagine that once you’re settled, you’ll create a budget with free software, you’ll stick to it, and you’ll give at least 10 percent of your income back to the lord, no prob. You’ll save for retirement, future car purchases … Continue reading

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jessm’s clambake extravaganza

Is it possible to have a travel log if you’re not actually taking a trip? I wish that it was. I bet she’d have a good one. Although she clearly lied about “never having been to alaska,” we at would … Continue reading

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Exhibit B

hanson + chinese in slow motion + robot dogs = one happy teter ps- don’t miss the caucasian street band in minute four.

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i think the volkswagon commercial machine should release a ‘Best of’ soundtrack

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about that placeholder

i was going to reenact a dramatic family moment, but i decided to keep it (gasp) to myself. there can be bravery in silence. For the record, however, Seth and I attended the Dan Emmett music & arts festival last week, … Continue reading

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