has been quality lately.

 Okay, okay, okay, okay.


At the risk of being maimed by one Miss B. Dunlap, the Birthday Bangs Party will be either Friday or Saturday, Aug. 10 or 11. Clear your calendars again. Stay tuned for details. There will be more. (parties and details)

I’m sorry to  monsterbeard, and others who may not read this AND work with RAY Media, Inc. (code name!) (righteous!) It seems my posts have become slightly inaccessible to those outside Columbus as of late. The basic gist is that our company has been bought out, gutted and reorganized in a not-so-pleasing manner in the last few weeks. The cogs are adjusting. Someone stole my stapler.

To even the score, I offer the following words of solace:

  • Bong Hill.
  • Nags Head.
  • Bromley Hall.
  • 20 Monty.
  • Junction Punch.
  • Dave Thomas.
  • (insert name of bar in Akron, CVS)

There. We are connected again. I will try to do better in the future.

I have a new baby niece, but I’m waiting on visual confirmation.

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  • Brittiny

    Love that I made the blog, but nooooo! I will still be in Georgia. I don’t get back till Aug. 13th. Please don’t have it without me.
    OK, I won’t put that pressure on you. Just think of it like this – we all love you so much we want to be there.
    By the way, per our earlier coversation, he let the cat out of the bag. Be sneaky when you question him though.

  • liz

    1. i am having a party on august 11th too. it’s going to be awesome and wish you could be here.

    2. i also have a new baby niece. i have had visual confirmation and it made me fall in love. be careful.

  • monsterbeard

    Dude, bong hill is like so awesome. I feel so connected to you.

  • lmarie

    And I so wanted to see the famed farm house, too. Not that I’m a priority, but I’m on vacation that weekend. Sadness.

  • theteet

    my advice?



    WORTH IT@!


    come on, monster … i gave you dave thomas! should i have said … oh shit … she was from T&T … oh yes. that’s right.

  • Mae

    Crappity craptastic!

    Not about the baby niece. About the date of Bangsapalooza 07. It’s the weekend of the one family vacation we ever have and probably ever will take again. Calendars suck.