will to live

i would have given up on it over the weekend had it not been for Bob Schieffer.

the old texan coot wrote a book about being a journalist.

There was a part during the Vietnam War when he, as a Star-Tribune correspondent, was climbing down the side of a ship, trying to time his jump into a raft knocked around by the huge swells below.

I guess that’s when I realized that picking up a few Sunbury stories a week wasn’t the most dire circumstance I’ll face in my career. Hopefully not, anyway. ohmygawd what if it is….

Schieffer told of how this particular battle was hyped up as the D-Day of Vietnam, but the whole production turned out to be completely fruitless.

The Viet Cong were nowhere to be found, and all the rigamarole of getting onto the beach (the timing of the jump, swimming to shore with heavy gear, etc.) had been in vain. The entire way to shore, however, Marines were pulling their fellow comrades’ heads up out of the water. Miraculously, none drowned as a result of their attentiveness to one another.

There could not be a more perfect metaphor for work. Except, of course, the whole bit about zero casualties.

No pressure you guys, but if Secret Reading or Jaydubs quit, I’m going into nursing. This time for real.

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  • Jaydubs

    Whenever I complain about job stuff, my mom reminds me of a position she had when she was about my age. She was a nurse’s aide, and as such, one of her jobs was to wash the dead bodies.

    So yeah, things could be worse. But just barely.

  • Anonymous

    Sunbury. Have fun with that. My advice is, don’t even go to the council meetings. Get all your stories from the library spokesperson.

    Sunbury sucks, extra work sucks, but try living in Youngstown. I would jump on a boat if it would carry me away from this hellhole.

    Seriously though, I’m coming home this weekend and a get together is brewing. You HAVE to come. End of story.