will to live pt. 2

i’ve lost it again.

 i’m putting the F word in all the headlines.

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  • http://mymiddlenameisearl.blogspot.com Merlin

    Well if you do ever decide to go out, I say do it Bon Jovi-style, in a Blaze of Glory. They should whisper your name behind closed cubicle walls for years; at the least they should have to replace all the carpet. Godspeed!

  • Jaydubs

    Doooo eeeit!

  • Jaydubs

    Also, I may have eroded The Hulk’s will to live tonight. Whoops.

  • monsterbeard

    I totally have no idea what you’re saying ever when you talk about work. is this because people from work read it and you can’t talk about this or that person is a total eff-head? I don’t know. no time is like the present for dropping f-bombs like leaflets of propaganda over an occupied city (the analogy felt right because you write leaflets, which some people call columns in newspapers)

  • Bill Melville

    Why not? You could have fun with it. The bill buckel rant gets the headline “You’ve heard all this f—ing nonsense before.”

    Now, if you can work the f-bomb into a Pat Snyder or Liz Thompson headline, well, you’ll go down in the annals of Commentary Editors, my friend.