a more permanent date.

shooting-guns-in-the-dark.jpgBecause of birthday parties, planned smaller parties, anniversaries, the Dublin Irish Festival, vacations and impending doom, the Bangs Party date will be pushed back to Aug. 18 at the Teter farm in Bangs, Ohio – pending confirmation that the peanut butter ice cream and the guns and bullets will be in attendance.

It will also serve as my official 25th birthday party, so I’ll be able to utilize the puppy face if people tell me they can’t make it. No excuses will be accepted.

I hope this delay will not cause mass panic. If you look at a calendar, it is not that far away. Plus, that will give us time to patch the holes in the floor, but we probably won’t.

I’ll bring the buns and wienies.

it will be like this only better.

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  • http://trialanderrordating.blogspot.com Brittiny

    I am so excited! And I feel so special I’m one of the people you bumped it back for. Would you like us to bring anything to the party?

  • http://mymiddlenameisearl.blogspot.com Merlin

    We’re cocked, locked and ready to rock. Ever shot a 12 gauge before?

  • Jaydubs

    Can’t go. I have a wedding in Vermont that weekend.

    Damn, I really was excited about the shootin’, too.

  • theteet

    this is grounds for canceling.

  • Jaydubs

    I think this is just a sign you need to update the frequency of these shootin’ parties — they sound like a blast!

    Get it? “A blast!” — I am hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    G. Jonah and I are out too. I’m off for a few days and will be up at the lake.