People who want to be me — Episode Three.

First, former SNP turned Dispatchette Marty Rozenman swipes my column in a news article, and now, of all people, retiree Mike Harden pens this completely original column not at all inspired by my recent reflections.

Come on, Harden. Kidron!? You expect me to believe just decided to take a mosy on up there to check out the old-timey, hand-cranked shelf stock? Also, the Dakota Nutjob Survivalist jab was really a low blow. I thought you were over us. That was so long ago. Anyway, I thought you burned all those receipts. You sent me the ashes…

Anyway, I’ve got ‘em coming at me from all sides, here. Damn paparazzis. Stop living my life, as the old saying goes.

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  • Bill Melville

    So you got more than three lines into a Mike Harden column?

    Look at it this way — His Wordiness is about the retire. He can’t rip you off after that …

  • Brittiny

    Think of it this way, copying you is the highest form of flattery.