i am behind schedule

There is a backlog of topics I’ve missed, so I think I’ll just stick with the present.

Much progress has been made in Shitstorm 2007. Death, divorce, sudden divorce, break-up, bad break-up and devastating break-up have done a number on those in my circle of friends in recent weeks. Everyone gets points. Mad points. I will not name you here (unless you’re into that — just let me know) but rest assured, I have a chart. and you are in the lead. Others are just returning to the United States. I fear for the rest. If you’re smart, you won’t hang out with me for a while.

Today, a man threatened to subpoena me because I would not give him the phone number for an old lady who wrote in to express concern about illegal fireworks in her subdivision. The prez of the subdivision’s homeowners’ association said our letter caused him great devastation because it reflected poorly on him and the subdivision, and also because the real estate market crashed as a result of the letter or something.

I accidentally started laughing when he threatened subpoena because he obviously does not understand the basics of democracy, and also, this is not Valerie Plame Level Type Documentation here. But I would go to jail for her anyway.

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  • The Experimental Dater

    This blog just makes me realize how empty my life is without your updates. ;-)

    Hope you’re feeling better hun. There is some stomach thing going around. Both my roommate and I had it. No fun!

  • crankin

    i seem to be missing the shitstorm… kind of. i feel a little left out, or should i be fearing what is soon to come?

    did you find your phone yet? we are due for a conversation and well, i don’t know where to call.

    how about a brief rendezvous in bangs the weekend after next weekend… as in not this coming?