Reasons why I suck, Vol. 7**

My body decided last night that I had been working a little too much and it didn’t let me go to work. There was a bout of early-morning ralphing (not that kind of ralphing) and a general sense of all-around shittiness that I’d guess resulted from dehydration (not that kind of dehydration) not eating very well and my tendency to have fever/sinus infection hypo-c episode every ten minutes.

RE:2004-2007 — I don’t think I remember getting sick this often until college.
I wonder if somebody has been slipping me some cilantro.

Anyway, enough about my minor inconveniences.

Except one more thing about my problems.

No one at the newspaper but jaydubs seemed to notice I was out, but there were several “Reasons why you suck, Lyndsey”-type emails in my inbox upon my return . People are really sensitive about this whole “returning calls promptly” thing. I should tell them what my friends have to put up with.

But seriously, as a reporter, you make calls all day and night, and sometimes, people are too busy to call you back … especially if calls are made in 3-minute increments. Sometimes calls aren’t returned that day, even. Get over it and work around it. I don’t need a 40-minute diatribe about your devastation.

ahhhh, dealing with Central Ohio’s greatest poets.
I mean, I know I wrote about Reynoldsburg and ice cream this week, but come. on.

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  • Jaydubs

    Aw … if it makes you feel any better, I had a good half-dozen people ask me where you were that day, so I was speaking in one voice for many.