ok babies,

Please notice the new features on your sidebar to the right.

We are slowly making our way down the list of reoccurring characters.

If you are reading this on Facebook, I’m not sure you’ll see what we are talking about unless you visit the real deal.

I’ll keep adding as I a.) am not asleep, b.) find a picture of you.
Please feel free to argue changes to your entry. But remember, this is the You I have painted for my online diary. That doesn’t mean it has to be the Real You.

Anyway, thanks for making up such an all-star cast, friends.

Here’s to never asking ‘who is Maybel’ again.

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  • Mae

    I sound pretty normal here, Lynds. Way to fool them all!

  • crankin

    i think that i look a bit crazed in this picture. is that what i look like when i laugh? outstanding.