ok, i call it. no more emotion until 2010.
especially sadness and/or extreme relief. those are right out.

the verdict on attending the calling hours and funeral for an 88-year-old patriarch?
i suppose it was tougher than i originally planned.

especially the part where my cousin, the felon-turned-family-rockstar, spoke about how grandpa taught him to be a man.

and especially the part where the youngest son, slaying his own honestly-earned demons of stubborness and pride, stood up to speak about three days before grandpa died when my uncle had a chance to pray with him, and the old man, who could not speak, cried out to god “in a way that i know God could not ignore.”

wow. I always had a feeling that uncle lee would be the one to bring it home. not that i knew the condition of my grandpa’s soul to begin with.

death and god and family are topics much too easily avoided these days.

did you remember? you are going to die one day. maybe even tomorrow. you might be dead already.

did i tell you? i grew up across the street from my grandparents. until 1999, we were the 3 Sunny Drive to their 7 Sunny Drive. it was cute. were you aware? there is a spacial and chemical reaction that occurs when my mother and her sister cry in the same room. it can bring down an entire nation.

but man, could we all be so lucky? a packed house, and everyone was there, in one way or another, because of him. they played Trust and Obey, his favorite hymn. there were rain clouds. sun in other parts. it was perfect.

i used to think many things are cheesy that i now think are valid.

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  • Bad Town

    Be glad in knowing you had an experience few do in modern times (across the street from your grandparents? That is great).

    And remember that you got to know him into your 20s. I lost 3 of 4 before I turned 10.

  • Mae

    You make words purty.

    I love you and I’m thinking about you less than a stalker, but more than any old friend. Love you lots.

  • Sweet T

    Yeah. I love you. You only get 2 points for the perfect funeral. Are you keeping track? I mean the weather, the people, the beauty… only points for sadness. I am always (not really always) thinking of you. I wish I could be there to hear you make fun of this whole situation.

  • L-Jo

    bad town, yes. i’m a lucky gal. childhood was just one pie after another cooling on the window sill for me.

    gals- thank you. i like you both, too. :) :)

    also, I’m glad Talya is finally, FINALLY awarding arbitrary points.
    it’s a step in the right direction, my dear. I think I’m up to 2,420, right?

  • Mae

    I love your idea.

    Maybe we can set up a time for you to call and I can record you over speakerphone. (Although I’d have to leave the room…I want it to be a surprise.)

  • Jennifer

    Sorry to hear about your grandpa. Sending lots of thoughts and prayers and love from TX.