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Wow … What a milestone.

First Michelangelo’s classic statue David, then the Papal Army and now, TheTeet!

This is the 500th time I have opened up a new post window, and I think now, more than ever, I realize how lucky I am to be the first (and most awesome) one to ever accomplish this.

And what better way to celebrate than alone in the dark on the kitchen floor with a half-jug of cheap sangria? There’s no place else I’d rather be, my darlings. If you listen closely, you’ll hear life peak.

Of course we’re all going immediately to Pizza Hut (personal pans for us all!) but first, let’s get a run-down of our Top 500 moments in the history of blog. my blog.

500. July 2005 — remember that time we lived in the city but we didn’t have air conditioning!?
499. August 2006 — and who can forget the time I began my day by following a hearse into work!
498. May 2005 — remember the home improvement project that went strangely awry?!
497. December 2004 — and ewwwww … birth control sure made me hormonal!!
496. …. just kidding.

I’m sure VH1 is working diligently on the special. Wouldn’t want to step on their toes.

In honor of your loyalty, I have composed a brief user manual set to debut as post #501. This way, strangers and newcomers will have a clearer picture of this anomaly. No one should be caught asking “Who is Maybel?” ever again.

It’s been a wild ride, and I have not one to thank but myself.

Here’s to another 500, my baby darlings!

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    Well done, sir. I knew you had it in you.