Name that ‘stache.

$10 to the first one who a.) knows who this is and b.) is not this person and c.) does not live in Savannah.

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  • Anonymous

    Is that PS? What do I win if I’m right? :)


  • L-Jo


    that was over fast.

    HF, you get $10. Although I hesitate to award the prize, because you obviously did not read carefully above.

    Maybe you’ll only get $8.

    We’ll see.


  • PDawg

    I thought perhaps it was a young Brad Pitt or George Clooney or Michael Bluth.

    In my defense, the 80s were a hard time. The Cold War took its toll on many of us.

  • The Experimental Dater

    Damn I never would have guessed that. He looks nothing like that anymore.
    I must say age has worked in his favor. hahaha ;-)


    Sweet Zombie Jesus.

  • excruciatingly

    Just for the record…the person from Savannah remained silent. And has access to other photos.

  • L-Jo

    although the contest was over in a record 35 minutes, your restraint IS super-human, mrs. e-normal.

    you get $4.50, plus $17 for each additional posted photo.

    congrats to all who participated.