he said/she said.

Special Republican Debates on the Couch Edition.

Wolf Blitzer: What has been President Bush’s biggest mistake while in office?
McCain: accountability.
Rudy: spending.
The Pastor Guy: principles.
ljo/steter: umm …. The war?
Sam Brownback: Ok, I’m going to put it all on the line here…
Sam Brownback: I want to eliminate cancer by 2015. We’re facing a real epidemic here and I told that to the president in my letter…
ljo: Cancer is Dubya’s biggest mistake?
steter: I hate cancer. I’m voting for that guy.

As a side note, I am glad that finger-licking politicians on both sides of the aisle are picking up Jim Wallis’ little catch phrases word by word. I hope the can follow up with the walkity-walk.

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  • crankin

    When you give these summaries following the debates, my DVR viewing experience is far less enjoyable. So, if you could wait until the night afterish that would be great. Thanks.

    -Faithful Reader

  • L-Jo

    since when do you watch “tv” or “care about political debates?”

    ok, maybe i should’ve been a little more sensitive. but i saw all those other bloggers typing away feverishly and wanted my piece of the Google hits pie.

    forgiveness, prease.

    warmest regards,