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she has been my secret now for many years

News first broke here, now she is online. But barely. In the same breath, I’ll note an exciting new discovery. Stop livin’ her life, mutha effas! (I have pictures of her cute ass if you need them.) In the meantime, … Continue reading

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ok, i call it. no more emotion until 2010.especially sadness and/or extreme relief. those are right out. the verdict on attending the calling hours and funeral for an 88-year-old patriarch?i suppose it was tougher than i originally planned. especially the … Continue reading

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Logistics and tow guys can suck it.

Seth has been in New York the past three days. Did I already tell you this? Other things I know: It costs $55 to pay a professional to break into your car. For the Second Year in a Row, Steter … Continue reading

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i don’t know how to say it

I don’t think I told you about last weekend’s temper tantrum. I walked in the room and Seth had a crowbar and a sledge hammer and was preparing a strike on the kitchen floor. I overreacted with some woman-screaming about … Continue reading

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Post # 500 7/18

what if i never have time to blog again? feed me.

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Post # 500 3/4

Memories … feed me.

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Post # 500 1/2

A PDawg discovery. [youtube=”> feed me.

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surfing a Tidal Wave of Hilarity onto the sands of Superstar Bay.

HAPPY 500, MY LITTLE ONES. Wow … What a milestone. First Michelangelo’s classic statue David, then the Papal Army and now, TheTeet! This is the 500th time I have opened up a new post window, and I think now, more … Continue reading

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place holder

1. angie2. cornhole3. grandpa4. kitchen floors feed me.

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inspired by brit-brat,

i, too, recently have become enraged by a prick stranger. Earlier today, as we drove north to Ashland, the old man and I ran through Wendy’s drive-through. Fast food in the car (with Maybel) is never an ideal situation, but … Continue reading

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