we are not the only ones

with this serious problem.

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  • Monsterbeard

    I am working on sabotaging Talya’s shampoo so it emits acid. And then I’ll have to drill through her skull. I will also be working 18 hour days for the next month, I mean year. Eat it.

    Also, for those of you who are not bothering to click on the link (you know who you are), we would appreciate if you would do so. No one wants to deal with your ignorant annoyances, and most of us are in agreement on this.
    For those of you who clicked on the link, we’re sorry you have to read this note, but others make it necessary. Thank you.

  • L-Jo

    i get it.

    it’s a passive-agressive note, which (get this!) was left about clicking a link to a Web site that expounds on that very topic.

    i get it.

    (i am such an asshole)

  • Monsterbeard

    I’ll second that.