parting shots.

I am very excited about the idea of seeing Talya on her way back through columbus on friday.

reading the travel log made me desperately miss interactions with those people. you know the ones. even the ones i barely know.

it also reminds me of this:

At 02 August, 2005 16:55, cat. said…
dear lyndsey t. remember how the last time we talked using faces it was, oh, 2002? 2003, maybe?

there was some stuff in the middle but then she said … see you in 2007.

I’m just saying.

A different cat just stuck its head up through the small hole in our living room floor. We do not own a cat. Maybel invetigates…

In the interim, this is literally the best thing on the Web.

and if you aren’t already enraged, try this.

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  • Monsterbeard

    I love annoying grammar people. Literally, they’re annoying. And when I said I love them, that was figurative. Prescriptive grammar is for 4th grade English teachers and Big Brother.

    Literally. I liked the pictures of the children.