looking back,

I’m not sure I needed to roll up the jeans that much to get in the ‘lake.’

But when you’re well on your way to achieving World’s Greatest Aunt Status, there is a tendency to become a little over-eager.

and i simply cannot avoid posting this.

seeing a baby deer, a newt and a box turtle in an hour’s time was too much for baby owen. excuse me. ‘owie.’ His cuteness cannot be contained by a mere Snugli.

If I remember correctly, it was his father who adorned him with the forest fern.

Trip highlights include(and I’m stealing from the journal entry here):

1. Jacob’s fondness for the phrase “I had a BAD DAY.” (see exhibits and b at the conclusion of this post.)
2. The psychedelic lights in the farmhouse hot tub. (I’ll never forget May 27, 2007 Kate, if you are reading this…)
3. Opening phrase of the trip included the words “Lynnnndsey….why did you and Seth pack a 5-pack of Budweiser?”
Shut up. I wanted a little road soda. Now come give auntie a kiss.
4. Re. lax. ation. Interrupted only by frequent and huge meals/naps.
5. Razzleberry pie.

The lake beach had lots of teenage smokers and Parents of the Year, but I’d say that just about rounds out the Top Five. Aaron had a copy of Omnivore’s Dilemma, marking the third official sign for me to buy the book. Anyone have a copy I can borrow?

Finally, This Week In Job, I have edited almost 100 letters and already have come up with a few basic guidelines for successful letter-writing.
1. Please remove any singing/dancing cat icons from your email.
2. If you insist on bashing immigrants and other “non-english speakers who invade our city you know the ones,” please refrain from butchering the very language you are defending in the same letter.
‘you don’t know how bad these people are effecting the way people is taught in our schools.’


eddie the school maintenance guy said it best back in aught-aught:
people is dumb. no wonder people kill people.

please refrain from criticising any grammatical errors found here on theteet. they were all intentional. strength of character, etc.

finally, as promised:

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