dramatically short post.

Monsterbeard — Today in “Our lives as a competition and this time it’s to the bottom,” I will inform you I am just wrapping up my sixth 12-hour workday. Bite it.

It’s mostly because I’m incompetent and slow. Like a baby trying to tie its own shoes. Only with more slobber and arm fat.

There is so much I want to say here.

1.) Seth broke his toe, or rather, the lumber monkey at Lowe’s smashed it, and he decided to drill a hole in the nail to relieve the pressure.
2.) This weekend in Hocking Hills, I almost touched a baby deer and my sister-in-law got a royal straight flush. It was enchanting.
3.) Seth and I also became very aware that we do not have children.
4.) Jenny Wray is engaged. (That’s 50 to 60 more people you won’t have to tell, My Little Jet-lagged Nester)
5.) AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. Letters! Check out SNPonline Thursdayish for my debut column. Positive feedback only, please.
6.) Both Gramps are in the hospital again.
7.) Hope everyone is all right.
8.) I have to go home before Seth kills me.
9.) Hmm. Third mention of Seth. He has no idea how lucky he is. Amen.

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  • Sweet T

    glad to see you back.

  • liz

    you people got nothing on nurses’ schedules…

    i win.

  • Bad Town

    There are some heavy expectations for that first column. I hear your predecessor turned out 3 in two weeks … and that if the publishers had their way, Cliff would have been writing something about children or scouting…

  • L-Jo

    thanks, sweet T.

    liz wins.

    Bad Town – you wrote three your first two weeks? Way to set the bar high, my friend. I don’t get the Cliff reference.