for those of you left wondering,

I saved all your inspirational comments in a folder at work. As a Marketplace of Ideas Purist, the decision to whack that last post was difficult, but after discussing things with my family, we at thought it a wise decision, as we will explain in an upcoming YouTube campaign ad. I’ll keep it in draft and republish in 2025. Or on June 5, depending.

Speaking of not speaking, I am not talking about work, asking for days off, talking out of turn, missing a deadline or wearing flip-flops until 2010.

Well — let me just say this about work.

It’s been a wild ride the last couple days, as many of you have witnessed.
In sum, I’ve been promoted, demoted, and re-promoted (Remoted?) in the last 48 hours.

My poor co-workers — I’ve switched desks three times and they’ve all sent corresponding congratulatory/condolence/congratulatory emails as appropriate. The brave souls to stop by in person have given high fives, pats on the back and a cautious thumbs-up gesture — they are weary, as I am, of my impending re-demotion.

Let’s just say I have a super-boss who made a bold move politically to skip over a couple of other more powerful heads to convince the CEO of the new company that I — or my position, rather — was a good idea. No pressure. None whatsoever. What’s pressure? Stop talking about the pressure. The boss who remains unconvinced rides into town June 4. I have already sent a fruit basket to his hotel.

So say what you will about that man we all love to hate. Maybe I’ll post all work stories through pdawg, who is compiling. (I get halfsies on the book deal, my friend) cause in the meantime (read: 6 days), I’m on board with everything. The troops are in line. I’m going to spend the weekend sharpening pencils, darning my socks and writing a years worth of award-winning columns.

Anyway, applying to nursing school seems hard. I’ve been told I would look funny in that hat, anyway.

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    As you said, say what you will about the guy, but that was a pretty decent thing to do. I hope my boss would do that for me in the same situation.

  • David


  • excruciatingly

    Pulling for you in the S-A-V, Yo.
    You know that nurses don’t wear those hats anymore, right? They do, however, work 12-hour shifts as a standard, get strict 30-minute lunch breaks and put up with disrespectful, mean, whiny patients…sometimes as though they were waiting tables at Chili’s instead of hospital beds.
    Wise choice, Grasshopper.