most awesome joke ever

what is your best joke ever? Something where the inspiration, timing and delivery were spot on. if you give me a minute, i bet i could think of it.

(Right now, I bet Mae is thinking of Seth and a kosher kilbasa.)

I think I peaked in 2004ish, when Seth and I were driving in the dark in a serious downpour. I mean, a ridiculous “should we pull over?” amount of rain. Seth told me to pick the proper soundtrack for the event and/or our impending death, so I complied and turned the bass WAY up. Can you guys which CD I put in?

That’s right.

It took Seth a minute to realize we were bumpin’ to Thundering Rainstorm.

i don’t think i’ll ever top that one. the bar was set too high.

tell me yours.

don’t make me do it for you.

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  • Mae

    Hmmm…I pulled out a few good ones this weekend before Gabe and Brooke’s wedding. Something about basic boob etiquette. And I seem to remember making a few Navs roll in my day during the sharing portion of the meeting. You know…when you’re supposed to share something serious. Get ‘em when they’re morose, I always say. Makes for an easy score.

    And the “three thumbs up” thing is usually good for a chuckle.

  • L-Jo

    that’s why you are my No. 1 girl.

    i’m going to need more information about these boobs.

    How’d the song go?

  • Mae

    Wait…does the monkey story count as a joke? Because if it does, I’m changing my answer.