he said/she said.

Special Vignettes Edition.

l-jo: you’re supposed to give expecting nothing in return.
p-dawg: whoever said that obviously wasn’t married.
l-jo: actually, it was Jesus. and you’re right. he wasn’t married.


jon stewart: blah blah blah irreguardless blah blah blah
l-jo: sonofabitch.


young doe-eyed lass: “i’d like to meet this dan williamson guy. he looks super-cute. Like a boyfriend on Seventh Heaven or something.”
l-jo: oh, no. another one bites the dust.
ydel: what did i do?
l-jo: come here, honey. there is something mama teter has to explain…


on the same day as the launch of the new ‘redesign,’ TOP continues to mislead our youth with a newly-cropped, intensified version of the lie. that and jon stewart.

so help me, if Herb Asher does something to disappoint today….

Finally, check this out:
Washington Court House Youth Gets First Opportunity.
Gus Likey Snakey.

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  • PDawg

    I remember that conversation continuing:

    P-Dawg: “Yes he was. Didn’t you see the DaVinci Code?”
    L-Jo: (laughs hysterically) “My Gosh, P-Dawg, you are so funny.”
    P-Dawg: (More funny banter)
    L-Jo: “Hee Hee, ha, ha” )continues laughing with odd mix of admiration and fear.

    at least that’s how I remember it.