fair couple

See Steter? This is totally acceptable behavior and not at all trashy. I don’t know what your reluctance stems from.

For everyone else, Mae has complied a flip book of our Weekend of Fun. You’re not going to enjoy it as much as my top three listed to the right. But you should be open to trying.

The camera had a remote, if you’re wondering. Please note how Mae moves around the room as the rest of us stay pretty stationary. Her only miscalculation was that ultimately, she was snapping photos that would later be used as evidence against her.

“Who has that remote?”
“Not me!!!!!”

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  • excruciatingly

    You’re a little hottie.
    Wanna go out?
    I ran it past my hubby first.
    He said OK.

  • The Experimental Dater

    That is one fine butt you go there Mrs. Teter. Seth is a lucky man. hahaha