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parting shots.

I am very excited about the idea of seeing Talya on her way back through columbus on friday. reading the travel log made me desperately miss interactions with those people. you know the ones. even the ones i barely know. … Continue reading

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looking back,

I’m not sure I needed to roll up the jeans that much to get in the ‘lake.’ But when you’re well on your way to achieving World’s Greatest Aunt Status, there is a tendency to become a little over-eager. and … Continue reading

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we are not the only ones

with this serious problem. feed me.

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dramatically short post.

Monsterbeard — Today in “Our lives as a competition and this time it’s to the bottom,” I will inform you I am just wrapping up my sixth 12-hour workday. Bite it. It’s mostly because I’m incompetent and slow. Like a … Continue reading

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the last four days

the more I love you, the more rude I’ve been to you. me love < rudeness. exponents. i’ll be right back. on monday. feed me.

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look what we did.

The landing is actually much bigger than it looks here. Please notice new subfloors and the extra space where the giant chimney used to be.And all the stuff we did under the floor (former chasm) that you can’t see. Please … Continue reading

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if TheTeet falls in a forest…

Please do not send any more hilarious emails during normal business hours. It’s really sad to laugh out loud in this lonely cubicle all my myself. (LOLITLCBM) That includes you, Co-Workers I Once Could See On A Daily Basis Without … Continue reading

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It’s May 21 somewhere in the world

Despite mentioning her at least three times in normal conversation, (twice while wiping Poop across my lips, and a third during an email conversation about humping refrigerators) I neglected to remember that yesterday was May 21, known in some cultures … Continue reading

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for those of you left wondering,

I saved all your inspirational comments in a folder at work. As a Marketplace of Ideas Purist, the decision to whack that last post was difficult, but after discussing things with my family, we at thought it a wise … Continue reading

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feed me.

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