on spending part of the weekend with girlfriends who knew me in college, part II.

Overall, I’d call this a much more successful visit than last time. The ladies and I had a pretty rad gathering in Porkopolis on Saturday. Everyone has really cute hairdos.

We began our journey with a trip across the river to the Party Source, where I ran into Blake Cannon. Weird.

Arms loaded with alcohol (shut up — it’s discount!) we went back to Mae’s for some grilled-food action. turkey burgers and zucchini. She made us some guacamole and an apple pie from scratch. We loved her.

We spent the meal reminiscing mostly about the time Mae moved Colleen’s car, all the times I’ve shit on my boyfriends and more generally, the problem with homosexual men. Talya attempted to set the record straight on many items, but to no avail.

“I did what?? Nooo….” was a common phrase heard throughout the night. It seems we have all romanticized our characters as we’ve moved on from college. or maybe just me. Anyway it’s nice to be reminded of the bad times. Keeps us grounded.

For some reason, we started drinking at like 3:30 p.m. and it became apparent we weren’t going out on the town anytime soon, so we took a walk around the neighborhood. we smoked a cigar between us and accidentally made an really awesome band photo. one of the fancier houses had a killer poodle that never really attacked.

When the kids went to bed, the grown-ups had some foot rubs. No chocolates or strawberries this time, but Mae provided ultra-thin socks. I hope I’m not pregnant.

After morning coffee and Amish Friendship Bread, if I’m not mistaken, when we had said our goodbyes, Mae made me go to church.

A lady anointed me with oil and gave me ‘faith’ (Mae got ‘healing’) and i pretty much tried to hide the fact that i was crying like a little baby the entire service. mae told me it was alright and put a hand on my shoulder most of the way.

I can’t figure out why i was not immediately turned off by this megachurch. maybe because i was awed by the free coffee and the wifi. it was seriously like COSI. the kids have this built-in playground apparatus, there were weird instruments and the lady who sang on the Lord of the Rings soundtrack led worship. People wore harnesses and hung from the ceilings in floating white boxes!

they had a spontaneous baptism, and i swear, all three levels of seating jumped in. we were going for the oil when we almost got in the water line. how embarrassing. we were almost spontaneously baptised.

in other words, it was exactly like Knox County. what i meant to say was My God, it’s good to have a positive influence in my life.

i forgot to mention how Colleen and Talya let me pour out my entire life story on them during the entire trip down to Cincinnati. they should be credited. they were not surprised.

Seriously, we should hang out again sometime.

Here’s to 2008!

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  • crankin

    you went to church after we left?! you little sneaks… i am not sure, but were you trying to hide that from me? i concure… it was quite a successful trip. i think that we should push for fall of 2007 for another visit, rather than waiting for 2008. is that too much?