bits of tid.

First, someone sent the Dispatch an internal memo. No one knows who that someone is. Except for the Baby Jesus. And the ten people who sent this person the internal memo.

Isn’t Max Brown the coolest publisher name ever? He’s the man whose name you’d love to touch. But you mustn’t touch. His name sounds good in your ear, but when you say it, you mustn’t fear. ‘Cause his name can be said by anyone.

Oh my gawd I’ve been waiting ten years to post that.

(hi new boss!!) (:P) (!!!!!)

Tomorrow they will tell us the rest. Also, I should have gone to the dentist last week.

Today I received an email from my university’s parking division, informing me of citations past. My favorite is No. 2 (of 5…oops) See if you can fill in the narrative. Also, remember when I drove a Ford Taurus? Weird. fyi, Trans BRS = towed!

2: Citation: P2007601
Issue Date: FEB 4 2002
Issue Time: 10:34 AM

Status: Tran BRS
Vehicle License#: OH-AF08LR-NA
Vehicle Desc: FORD BUR
Balance Due: 0.00

Thank you, Ohio University. I hope the hackers don’t find out about this.

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  • crankin

    you parked in the president’s driveway without a permit?! what were you thinking. priceless. this is really the only reason that i love you.

  • Anonymous

    That is pretty great, but I think I most love Lyndsey for leaving her unlocked car running with the keys in the ignition all weekend in our not-so-great neighborhood here at work.


  • The Experimental Dater

    Please tell me this is the same towing experience that connects with the numbers still on your car?

  • liz

    i wasn’t even there when this happened, but i tell people the story sometimes. you’re a legend.

  • Monsterbeard

    “But he’s in China and I was late for Spanish.” How does anyone NOT remember that story? Didn’t you even get it into the paper?

    Sadly, the parking enforcer was unsympathetic. But the President really was in China at the time.