Panerathon. do. dooo. do. do. do.

i was parking when the horn started the race. must’ve been an 8:59:59 start.
so i was the last person to begin, but not the last person to finish. like our graduation ceremony, only reversed.

that is my new strategy — start last and pass all the lames/mommies with toddlers/wheezy guys. makes me feel like the wind.

i finished at 35:36, but by the time i had raced to the registration tent, filled out the forms, signed my name, pinned on my number and put my goodie bag in the car, just over five minutes had been eaten up from the clock. oops. so I’m happy with a 30-minute 3-miler with no stretching, preparation or water. It’s how I roll, baby. I wonder how much i’ll run next weekend.

afterward, there were bagels, bill melville, danishes, a bulldog and ham samiches. best. free. 5k. ever.

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