let’s try again later.

I’m sorry. That last post was a little too dramatic. I was just trying to boost ratings there, I think.

There is some crazy shit going on at work, but the words will probably sound worse for other more experienced staffers, so whatever. nothing has been confirmed inside the building anyway. knowing nods and general glazed-over looks notwithstanding. plus there are some beat changes ahead.

I’m not sure if notwithstanding was what I really meant.

Anyway, in recognition of theteet.blogspot.com’s upcoming 500th post, I have begun drafting a user manual with a glossary of terms. that way Megan Pringle and Monique Ming Laven can know what the hell they are reading about when they visit.

So far I have defined “Bangs,” “Steter” and “Maybel.” Better Know My Friends will be an important part of this.

I think theteet.blogspot.com should have a weekly news quiz. maybe a vodcast. stay tuned.

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