ok, wrap it up.

jessm — This congrats is long overdue. Alaska sounds insane. I will picture you in level 7 of Super Mario Bros. 3. I hope you will have better luck than Luigi on those zany ice elevators! I want to hear more.

waters — This congrats is probably properly-timed. Sounds like a perfect gig for you. Hopefully I’ll see you at bars.

everyone else — Welcome to the jungle.

I took a nap in my car just after 3 a.m. No use going to amanda’s apartment for two hours between deadlines. And anyway, johnny hulk’s office wasn’t as comfortable as I had originally planned. I have on the same clothes as yesterday. Is that something I should be ashamed of? I feel like I’ve talked to or heard from a lot of people in the last 12 hours. That is pretty dangerous, considering the circumstances.

Colleen is going to be here Saturday at noon. Talya might be coming. I have not yet spoken with Mae. The excitement builds.

Gramps is at a nursing home in WCH. Not sure how that is working out exactly.

Somewhere, in a dark back room, my work computer is being un-corrupted. Has anyone seen that final draft?

I’m intersetd to see how all everything shakes out.

Sometimes complaints will be false.

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  • jessm

    yo thanks. i’m pretty good at ice elevators. i suggest you google fairbanks, alaska, and you can check out the website for “the golden heart city.” i will give updates on my blog as i find them out. hooray!

  • crankin

    mae says no OTR. where are my directions? the excitement is building.

  • Anonymous

    dear theteet.blogspot.com,

    you’ve been high up on the list of things to look at on the internets instead of doing anything at all productive. congratulations. keep it up and you could join the ranks of facebook and the three email accounts and myspace and the osu grade website in those fancy bookmarks that go above the tabs in firefox.(real technical, i know.)

    all of the johnsons should probably get blogs. i swear its the only way i know anything about anyone in the fam.


  • Mae

    So here’s something…I have to drive UP to Columbus when you guys leave. Would anyone want to be my driving buddy on the way up north?

  • Kathryn

    Thank you LT. You WILL see me at bars, just don’t knock me drink over like your husband. Make sure to bring the McCormick & Schmick’s mug for me so I can do shots out of it for old times’ sake

  • Sweet T

    Does your lack of blogging mean that you have crumbled? Please don’t crumble… and if you do, I will be there soon to help piece you back together with the crankin and Mae.

  • L-Jo

    welcome cousin beth.
    good to have you on board.
    i feel a little dirty for all the swearing now. you’re always 7 to me, no matter how many degrees you’re earning :)

    sweet t – I am so pumped you are able to come. happiness.com!

    miss klingler — this could very well be arranged, i.e., you and crankin mud wrestle over me. is talya riding to c-town with us?

    and finally, kathryn and crankin will both get what they desire.