has anybody seen my wife?

guys, it’s 12:24 a.m. and Katie, Khalilia and I are watching Scrubs at work. In seven more hours, i will have been working for 24 hours. i have yet to turn in my freelance work that was technically due friday. amanda needed a ride to school today. i saw the transponders explode shortly before the lights went out all over the nations.

there was a power outage more than an hour ago. we are waiting to file our stories in the giant news server. the power came back on just before the colbert report began, but we have to wait for chuckles the techie guy to restart the system.

it would’ve made a good scene in a movie. i was slouching in the cafeteria in an inappropriate position for a girl wearing a long skirt in the dark when the lights flickered and there was a black and white checkered floor. i’m just saying that zach braff would’ve appreciated it and likely used it in his next movie if he had been filming.

i am not going to bother editing this or anything else i’m waiting to write tonight. you have just entered the ‘don’t look twice’ zone. normally sentances like this end up on the cutting room floor.

chuckles the tech guy has just been roused from his sleepy slumber. apparently, the production people did not wake him an hour ago as has previously been thought. it takes a village. it takes a village.

one day when you come here there will be good news.

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  • excruciatingly

    Your newspaper has a CAFETERIA? Seriously?

  • Bad Town

    Don’t worry, chica, it will get better.

    Everyone who covers UA is doomed to the all-nighter on at least one occasion.

  • L-Jo

    ‘cafeteria’ is a very loose term in journalism.

    it only took me 1.2 years, melville. OMG, BF. I was sure I’d been here five.

  • excruciatingly

    I worked at newspapers…four, in fact. Only one had anything that could remotely be stretched into “cafeteria,” so I was relieved to hear that you exaggerate.

    Hope you get to sleep, shower and change clothes in the next 12 hours!