you never see the dolphin/dagger combo.

Every 2.5 years, I get this really strong urge to get a tattoo. In follows naturally that every three years i think, ‘wow. i’m really glad i didn’t get a tattoo.”

I’m on the upswing again, and now that I have an audience, I’d like to ask which dagger combo you’d prefer to look at on my impending back/shoulder blade tattoo.

Remember that year I had my nose pierced? I don’t think anyone took a single picture of me during this misguided time in my life.

So anyway, probably the scorpion dagger? although the panther dagger is always tempting.

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  • crankin

    weird. i have a friend that is getting a tatoo as we speak. i have to say, i am anti dagger in tatoo.

  • Christopher

    Why not a dagger twisted around a panther that’s eating a scorpion? Or did I just blow your mind?