machine v. nature

i had been worried that all these treadmill miles in front of the televisions had cheapened my existence. but i ran a comfortable 5 miles on the real road last night.

i could have gone longer, but i found myself back at home and taking “another spin around the block” tacks on the equivalent of at least 3 miles.

things i have forgotten about while training inside a cushy gym:
1. wind
2. small rocks
3. Ford trucks

if i can run 10 miles just once in the next three weeks, i’ve decided I’ll go ahead and run the half in May, despite totally dropping the training program and picking up smoking for a month. what’s the worst that could happen?

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  • Bad Town

    You can do it, Teter. It’s just a matter of pacing.

    I’m back on the streets tonight, Nor’easter winds be damned.
    Time to chew up some pavement (and knew cartilage).