i’ll always be by your side.

there is a song on Angie’s profile that i am obsessed with. i have officially been reprimanded by two different humans for listening to it too much. but now i’m at sister’s apartment, and no one is here to prevent it.

ok. i think i’ve officially looked at everything on the internet.

boring-talking, table for one.

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  • excruciatingly

    So, the humans reprimand you for listening to the song…what do the non-humans think of it? Is this a 90s R&B song?

  • crankin

    is that saturday after noon? so that would look like saturday night and come home sunday? am i reading this correctly?

  • L-Jo

    b to the etsy.
    it’s some sort of really trendy song, if angie has anything to do with it. not sure of the era. likely not R&B. coco rosie? anyway the robots dig it.

    crank to the ankin.
    i would be willing and able to leave from the columbus metropolitan area around noon on the 28th. we could stay saturday night and return sunday. we should con talya into the trip. it would be rad. let’s skip the concert and just hang out. it would be like nixing the lobster and chugging the big bowl of butter.

  • Angie

    You should sent me your snail mail and I’ll send you the cd. It’s these sisters that grew up in the desert out west somewhere. One of them used to be a soprano in the opera. One of them is some kind of science prodigy and claims she can control where lightening strikes.