while looking for more information about louis badalement, i found these two blogs:

From the archives of the No.1 blogster to the right:

The old B.C.

This story could be long and drawn out, but I’ve decided it will be most effective verbatim:

Mae: Lyndsey, did you take your pill today?
Lyndsey: Don’t have to. It’s my week off.
Mae: You should probably do it anyway, just to keep in the habit.
Lyndsey: Well, I would, but you and (name deleted for his protection…we’ll call him Mr. X) ate all my birth control!

Let it be said that a) it was the placebo sugar pill part of the pack and b) it’s not like I was sitting there just snacking on orthotricyclen. I just wanted to prove to her that it wouldn’t make Mr. X and I sterile, that’s all.

This is just to say…

I have not forgotten about you. I have moved to Columbus where cable and Internet temporarily do not exist. Don’t be afraid. It’s not permanent. I hear Cincinnati has this dubya dubya dot everyone’s talkin’ about. Let this tide you over for the time being. It’s a conversation between me and Lyndsey.

Mae: Lyndsey, that guy over there…on the bench…do you think he’s homeless or just enjoying nature?

Lyndsey: Well…he has a pillow. And an extra pair of shoes, doesn’t he?

I’ve moved to Columbus and according to my dad just a block away from where his high school buddies used to go to see “the whores.”

I’ll be back with more soon. I’ve got lots to say about Au Bon Pain and urinals. It’s not laziness this time. It’s availability.

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