mae klingler’s guacamole

you haven’t lived until you’ve watched her prepare, refrigerate and eat.
i know the hispanic heritage does not immediately pop from her name, but she must have learned it somewhere. summer camp in Granville? anyway, i have attempted to replicate this process on several different occasions, but to no avail.

Additional observations:

For some reason, in email conversations, lawyers always refer to me as “L.” They also sign their names with “T” or “R” or “B,” depending on the circumstance. Is this self-taught?

Bloggers who posted their youthful amazing pictures get 56 points each. Actually, Lin gets three additional points for those glasses.

This makes me happy. Chinese water colors + musical narrative = always pleasing. Props to Bill “Master of the Mixed Tape” Melville. This song might be old or new, but I had not heard it

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  • Katie

    L(yndsey Teeter)–

    You sure are right about lawyers and their love of using initials. It has bothered me for the past three years. The only thing I can think of is that since lawyers bill clients in 6 minute increments, the 2 seconds saved per name per email to you allows them to respond to your email without racking up any amount of time that can’t be billed to a client. What a bunch of fuckers.

    –K(atie Meyer)(soon to be) Esq.