Who will buy me lunch?

This Week In Work:


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  • excruciatingly

    Well, yeah. What, with formerly battered women ditching you for a STORY and all!

  • The Experimental Dater

    You know you can always count on me for lunch. All you have to do is call. Love you hun!

  • crankin

    lyndsey… seriously… “it’s like Darfur only worse.” not okay… not even a little bit funny. i am sorry you are having a bad week.

  • Mae

    I would send you a quesadilla in the mail, but the guacamole might be gross by the time it got to Bangs.

  • L-Jo

    is everybody here familiar with the reverse mock? i was calling myself a whiny baby.

    but in the future, when i’m setting boundaries, battered women=acceptable. genocide in africa=unacceptable?

    we strive for a friendly environment here at theteet.blogspot.com.

  • Monsterbeard

    Wait, what? When did genocide in africa become unacceptable? Was I- Was this in the Times yesterday? Because I didn’t see the headlines. I was too busy reading the announcement about Anna Nicole’s baby’s papa! Now that’s news!