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I’m pleased to announce that Chris has re-entered the world of the internets. I am thinking about taking him off notice. Monsterbeard, you were thisclose to getting the heat. (‘the heat’ is best described with an image of me furiously clicking through your archives while chugging a yoo-hoo, but i would have done it (again)…)

Anyway good work. Keep it up. Or else.

Last night the Steter and I enjoyed a variety of cheese dips and the company of these people, who thoroughly terrified me with talk of kindergarteners who throw rocks at pregnant ladies and trash cans at principals. I can’t wait until they are old enough to drink and drive.

For those of you who weren’t wondering, no. the house in Bangs does not have a heating system at the moment. We’re sporting this whole “open floor plan” thing where the basement up through the second story are not so much “seperated by floors.” It was 38 degrees in the house this morning. So cold, in fact, that we were forced to gather a variety of 2X4s to support what’s left of the stairs long enough for us to crawl up them and shimmy over the giant chasm. We started a small fire in the center of the bed and huddled around it all night.

Poor Maybel did some sort of summer temperatures dance, and we are holding out hope her milkshake will bring all the degrees to the yard.

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